Igos du Ikana

Igos du Ikana

Igos du Ikana was the king of Ikana, but at some point, Him and his entire Kingdom died. Sharp the eldest attempted to revive him, and as a result, Igos is a skeleton. The undead army was then cursed due to the open doors of the Stone Tower. Link found himself in Ikana, and eventually faced Igos and his bodygaurds

Boss Fight Edit

Link must 1st face Igos's bodyguards in battle. To beat them, Link must burn the curtains with fire arrows, letting light in. After cutting them down, shine light on them with the Mirror sheild. Then Igos will attack. He has the extra benefit of taking his head off and siphoning your health with it. After you cut him down, shine light on him, and he will teach Link the Elegy of Emptiness.


  • In the end Credits, Igos's Bodyguards still argue, much to Igos's dismay
  • Humorously, during the battle, if Link Wears the Captains hat and speaks to Igos, He will think Link is Captain Keeta